Thursday, May 29, 2008

Boat Without a Galley - Feeding the Crew

Preparing food for a crew, even in a small boat without a galley, is possible.

A picnic is an idea for boating when there is no galley onboard. Foods such as sandwiches, cut up veggies, fruit, cookies or bars can be stored in a cooler along with water.

I find it's always good to have something hot to eat or drink. One or two good thermos bottles filled with boiled water before leaving home opens up many possibilities. There are convenience foods from cereals to soups and noodles only requiring hot water.

A thermos of coffee is ideal for coffee drinkers. Bringing a thermos of hot water to make tea, hot iced tea, or hot chocolate are ideas for the small boat. Even if your boat has a galley, filling thermos bottles before leaving port allows hot drinks to be prepared underway without lighting the stove.

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