Monday, August 20, 2007

A Day at Sidney Spit

My sister was visiting from out of province and we treated ourselves to an afternoon at Sidney Spit. Arriving by ferry from Sidney we spent our time beach combing, relaxing, and exploring the island on the hiking trail.

Unfortunately, my sister scraped her foot. The incident sparked a conversation on the items we would have found handy to have in our pack or purse. Whether arriving by ferry or via your own vessel, here is a suggested list of "what to bring".

First Aid Kit
Band aids
Sweater or coat
Allergy medication
Wet wipes
For children - shovel and sand castle building containers
Plastic bags to carry out your trash - no garbage containers on the island

The list applies anytime you are leaving your boat and going ashore to explore at anchorages or marinas.

Sidney Spit is a popular destination, so much so, we were unable to board the ferry we wanted back to Sidney as it was full to capacity. We waited 1 hour 45 minutes for the next ferry. This incident gave us time to further consider our "what to bring" list for our next visit to the island.

Being prepared is the key to a relaxing time on the island.

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