Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Feeding the Crew-Breakfast

Making breakfast for a crew can be challenging using two burners, a fry pan and a double boiler.

A few of the items on the five day menu plan for Learn to Cruise vacations were:

Pancakes and bacon
- Use the fry pan to cook the bacon. Drain and place in top of double boiler to keep warm.

Note: A can on board is handy for drippings such as bacon grease.

- Cook pancakes in fry pan to serve with the warm bacon.

Muffins, cheese and fruit
- Use the double boiler to warm muffins

Pancakes and scrambled eggs
- Cook pancakes and keep warm in double boiler
- Scramble eggs in fry pan

The hot water in the bottom of the double boiler can be used for dish water, rinse water for dishes, or to heat the thermos before filling with hot water for the day.

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